Co-Curricular - St John the Baptist, Freshwater
Teaching & Learning


St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School provides a plethora of Co-Curricular opportunities that enhance students’ gifts and talents in learning. These include;

  • Photo competitions
  • Public Speaking competitions
  • Debating competitions
  • NSW University competitions
  • Gifted &Talented programs
  • Music Festivals
  • Swimming Carnivals
  • Athletic Carnivals
  • Cross Country competitions
  • Gala Days
  • Chess Competitions
  • Robotics Club

Competitions in sport and academics are at local, diocesan, state and national levels.

Extra-Curricular Activities


St John the Baptist provides free extracurricular activities for interested students during lunch these include; Choir, Tech Club, Gardening Club, Lego Club and Kids Club.

Students of St John the Baptist also have opportunities to participate in activities before, during lunch and after school provided by specialist private instructors in dance, keyboard, band and chess at an extra cost to parents.

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