Buddy Program - St John the Baptist, Freshwater
Student Wellbeing

Buddy Program

At St John the Baptist Freshwater, we ensure all students receive a warm welcome and smooth transition to their school life. All Kindergarten students are assigned a Year Six Buddy. This school initiative establishes social networks by introducing Kindergarten children to older leaders of the school.

At St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, we ensure all new students and parents receive a very warm welcome and a smooth transition into our school community. To assist in this process, all Kindergarten students are assigned a Senior Student Buddy and new parents assigned a Parent Buddy. Our school initiative nurtures and establishes social networks for new students and parents so that they quickly feel a sense of belonging and involvement in our school community.


Kindergarten students receive a letter from their Senior Student Buddy and are invited to a special Buddy celebration prior to their school commencement. Thus, Kindergarten students on their first day of school are familiar and feel secure knowing their Senior Student Buddy will help, support and care for them as they settle into their new surroundings and daily routines at school.

Senior students take their Buddy role very seriously. Senior students are trained to encourage, guide and build strong inclusive relationships with their Kindergarten Buddy as they mentor them in the first twelve months of school.

New parents to the school receive an existing Parent Buddy organised by the Principal. New parents are given contact details and meet their Parent Buddy at the Kindergarten ‘Tears & Tissues’ morning tea on the first day of the new school year.