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At St John the Baptist we a child centered curriculum in which Literacy is integrated. The learning experiences are designed to challenge the creativity, initiative and ability of each child in a community where individuals are appreciated for their uniqueness.

(NSW English Syllabus)

‘Literacy is the ability to read and use written information and to write appropriately in a range of context. It is used to develop knowledge and understanding, to achieve personal growth and to function effectively in our society. Literacy involves the integration of speaking, listening and critical thinking with reading and writing.’

Literacy is child centred at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School as language is central to students’ intellectual, social and emotional development and essential in all Key Learning Areas. Students’ learning experiences during the daily uninterrupted Literacy Block are designed to challenge students’ creativity, initiative and ability within a community where individuals are appreciated for their uniqueness.

Conventionally, literacy refers to reading, writing, speaking, viewing and listening effectively in a range of context. In the 21st century the definition of Literacy has expanded to refer to a flexible, sustainable command of a set of capabilities in the use and production of traditional texts and new communication technologies, using spoken language, print and multimedia.

At St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, we believe;

All students have the right to be literate.
Each child has the capacity to learn and that they all learn at their own rate.
Literacy has a vital role in all Key Learning Areas.
Literacy is purposeful, flexible, dynamic and continues to develop throughout an individual’s lifetime.
Literacy is concerned with the ability to use deep knowledge and understanding through a discerning inquiry method.
Literacy skills need to be taught in a sequential and cyclic manner.

The Key Learning Area of English is organised in accordance to the NSW Board of Studies into three strands;

Talking and Listening
Reading which includes viewing
Writing which includes; spelling, handwriting, grammar & punctuation and use of technology.

Competence in English enables students to learn about the role of language in their own lives, and in their own and other cultures. Students are then be able to; communicate their thoughts and feelings, participate in society, make informed decisions through critical thinking about personal and social issues, analyse information and viewpoints, use their imaginations and to think about the influence of culture on the meanings made through language.

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School has mandatory assessment requirements and student tracking in Literacy, from Kindergarten to Year Six. Consistent assessment data analysis from teachers provides valuable information to continually develop student learning from their point of need in all three strands.