Positive Behaviour For Learning - St John the Baptist, Freshwater
Student Wellbeing

Positive Behaviour For Learning

At St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, we believe all students, their families and staff have the right to a safe and supportive school environment.

Therefore all staff, students and families share a responsibility to teach, foster, promote and encourage positive behaviours from all members in our school community. At St John the Baptist, we adopt proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviours through our ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ Program (PBL) in order to enhance the learning of all students.

Our school rules of Safe, Respectful Learners, are underpinned by Gospel Values which resonate the behavioural expectations and appropriate student behaviours that contribute to the functioning of our school as a safe and supportive learning environment. Students at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School are taught, encouraged and supported to demonstrate being Safe, Respectful Learners as a successful way of life.

“Student Discipline practices are based on restorative principles and are respectful of the dignity, rights and fundamental freedom of individual students and at the same time are focused on the effective running of the school for the benefit of all.” – Alicia van der Merwe, Principal

Diocesan School Student Discipline Policy

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School community is committed to teaching, practicing, applying, and acknowledging all appropriate behaviours based on Christian values and our whole school Positive Behaviour for Learning Program.