Volunteers - St John the Baptist, Freshwater
School Community


Many Parents, Grandparents and Parishioners very generously give of their time to volunteer in a variety of areas at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School.

The school is very grateful and highly values each and every volunteer as they consistently enrich, inspire and enhance our school community. Volunteering is a great way to meet parents, children and staff in our school community. The following are just some of the areas which may be of interest.

Parents &Friends Association (P&F)
The School’s P&F is run by a nominated executive team which includes; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parent Representative on the Diocesan Parent Council. The P&F has a dual purpose. To foster the wellbeing, inclusiveness and build the school community as well as, raise funds to further enhance our students learning. Each year the P&F hosts events which significantly reflect this positive mix through, providing social occasions where parents and carers can meet, mingle and make friends, strengthening our school community in its core values. They also support school events and provide valuable resources with money raised throughout the year.

Canteen Volunteers
St John the Baptist canteen has both mothers and fathers who volunteer to make lunch for students with a lunch order. Parents who volunteer for the Canteen nominate when they are able to come and how often. A roster is then distributed to all who have offered their services.

LAP Volunteers
LAP is a student centred program providing one-to-one for students of all ages with diverse academic, social and emotional needs through the powerful and positive contributions of a LAP Volunteer. The volunteer is carefully matched with a child to build upon their strengths, interests and abilities. Children on LAP at the school, always look forward to their weekly half hour LAP session enjoying  the company of the Volunteer and engaging in an activity which the school supplies.

Classroom Volunteers
Many Parents and Grandparents volunteer to assist in the classroom of their choice. Classroom volunteers provide assistance to individuals or a small group of students to help with specific educational programs designed and resourced by the class teacher.

Class Parent Co-ordinator
Each class has two volunteer parents who have a dual role in the classroom. They liaise with the class teacher on disseminating information to parents via email and organise social events for parents in the class. Class Parent Co-ordinators also assist the school by organising along with other parents a P&F nominated event such as; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or the BBQ after the Family Mass.

Sport Volunteers
Many parents volunteer at a sporting event throughout the year such as the; Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival or one of the Gala Days. The high success of the School’s sporting events is due to our extraordinary volunteers on the day.

Library Volunteers
Some parents choose to take home their volunteer work particularly those who volunteer covering books for the School Library.