Pastoral Care - St John the Baptist, Freshwater
Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care

St John the Baptist Catholic School has Pastoral Care, Behaviour Management Policies, Guidelines and Procedures to support the wellbeing of all students.

Pastoral Care at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, fosters the dignity of each person within a faith-filled Catholic community. Central to this, is Preparing the Way for all in our community to continually strive to be positive contributing members of society with a Catholic perspective as global citizens of the world.

At St John the Baptist through our Pastoral Care initiatives, education and actions;

1. Proclaims the Good News through…

  • A distinctively Catholic school where Christ’s teachings and values are witnessed.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Catholic history, traditions and rituals.
  • Opportunities that are conducive to the development of a personal relationship with Christ.
  • A culture that reflects our beliefs.
  • A reverence for the earth and its resources.

2. Presents an inspiring education through…

  • An integrated, holistic, child-centred curriculum.
  • Learning experiences which are relevant and will challenge the creativity, initiative and ability of each child.
  • Activities which ensure that children are aware of their responsibilities in developing a just global society.

3. Promotes the dignity of the individual through…

  • A community where individuals are appreciated, honoured and recognised for their uniqueness.
  • Experiences which advocate positive assertiveness while encouraging respect for others.

4. Fosters positive relationships through…

  • An environment where individuals have the responsibility to accept and care for each other.
  • A climate where interpersonal relationships are highly valued.
  • An active and inclusive Pastoral Care programme.

5. Builds an inclusive community through…

  • Support for parents in the academic, spiritual and physical development of their child.
  • Experiences which cultivate interaction and strengthen the connections between Parish and school.
  • Communication and support networks which involve all members of the school and Parish.
  • Opportunities to celebrate as a community