PDHPE - St John the Baptist, Freshwater
Teaching & Learning


At St John the Baptist, every student receives Physical Education classes from a specialist Sports Teacher each week.  In addition to these regular classes, our school holds annual Athletics, Cross-Country and Swimming Carnivals.

Our school has a long and proud history in sport, with current and alumni students achieving representative sports at various levels and disciplines. St John the Baptist also has the proud honour of being awarded CSNSW Northern Beaches Swimming Champions three years running in 2019, 2020 and 2021!


The following information briefly outlines the cost to parents for their children to participate in representative school sport events and the financial support given by individual schools and the CSO at each level.

Students participate as a representative of their school with the permission of the principal at all levels of the competitive pathway. A principal has the right to refuse permission for a student to participate.

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