Senior Student Leadership Program - St John the Baptist, Freshwater
Student Wellbeing

Senior Student Leadership Program

All senior students at St John the Baptist are part of a shared leadership program.

At St John the Baptist we believe it is vital all students develop the qualities of a leader and in doing so, develop the necessary skills and personal character growth of a leader and mentor. Therefore, St John the Baptist does not have a school Captain and Vice-Captain rather, all senior students are given the opportunity to develop and grow as a leader through the school’s highly successful specifically tailored shared leadership programs.

Students in Year Five are known as ‘Leaders in Training’ whilst the Year Six students lead as members in one of the Leadership Teams. Each Senior Leadership Team is given opportunities to initiate, plan, organise, present and represent the school in events that involve the whole school community and the wider community.

The Senior Student Leadership Teams along with their roles and responsibilities include:

The Technology Team organise the weekly ‘Tech Club’ for all students interested in this area, develop Power Points, Movie Maker and set up technological support at weekly assemblies and school events, develop technological initiatives for students, organise student technology competitions, develop graphic skills through photography and visual displays for the school, and present their skills at many School and Parish events.

The Mission Team plan and organise our continual sense of social justice through initiatives which raise money for charities and organisations locally, nationally and internationally. They represent and participate in the Peninsula Schools Cluster Mission Mass and attend the Peninsula Mission workshop with twelve other schools and regularly lead whole school assemblies.

The Creative Arts & Liturgy Team regularly creates and presents Liturgical movements at School, Parish and Peninsula Masses and Liturgies. The team is also responsible for organising the annual whole school Talent Quest and regularly lead school assemblies.

The Library Team promote and help organise Book Week. Initiate whole school activities which promote reading for enjoyment, collect books for the ‘Indigenous Literacy Project’, represent the school at the ‘Writers Lunch’, attend the ‘Authors’ Workshop’ and regularly lead and present at whole school assemblies.

The Civics and Citizenship Team plan and organise whole school ceremonies such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, represent the school at Parliament House, contribute and represent the school in wider community events such as Manly’s Commemorative Ceremony, Freshwater Fair and Freshwater’s ANZAC ceremony and regularly lead school assemblies.

The Sports Team lead and promote strong school spirit, pride and sportsmanship at all sporting carnivals and Gala Days throughout the year. Motivate students to accumulate colour house points for their team, and organise the winning colour house team end of term event. The Sports Team help organise the school Walkathon, Jump Rope for Heart and regularly lead school assemblies.

The Environment Team lead and promote Green school initiatives ensuring all in our community are proactively environmentally friendly; develop greater awareness in the school’s community in caring for the environment; create, plan and organise the school’s Garden Club and present at school assemblies.