Our School

Principal’s Message

At St John the Baptist, we offer your child the challenge of achieving personal excellence in all areas of school. We are a Small School with BIG Advantages.

‘Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when…
there are footsteps on the moon’.

At St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School Freshwater, we are proud of our rich heritage which resonates our educational philosophy and motto, ‘Prepare the Way’. The School has a progressive stance to 21st century education, providing access to inspirational learning, discovery, innovative thinking and creativity.

At St John the Baptist, we offer children the challenge of achieving personal excellence in all areas of school. We develop each child’s personal strengths and talents giving students the opportunity to reach their potential through offering both broad curriculum and co-curricular programs. Our school challenges students to become independent learners and equips them with the necessary skills to become successful life-long learners. We aim to instill in our students an empathy with others and self-confidence with the capacity and capability to transform the world in which they live.

Of utmost importance is the caring, supportive co-educational learning environment Kindergarten to Year Six which St John the Baptist offers. Our Catholic foundation underpins our approach to developing the whole child; academically, socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally by providing a learning experience grounded in community and social justice with a strong global perspective.

As a Catholic school, we work closely in partnership with parents, to give each child the opportunity to experience the fullness of their faith, provide opportunities to practise their faith and foster each child’s growth as part of the Manly Freshwater Parish.


There are highly significant advantages to sending your child to a smaller school and St John the Baptist is no exception. Research shows smaller schools have:

A more positive impact on student education. Small schools are more flexible and responsive, prioritising individualised curriculum and student/family needs.
Higher academic outcomes. Engaging students with in-depth learning, results in higher achievement levels.
Greater opportunities available to more students.
Accessibility to Teachers and the Principal at all times.
Staff who know every child.
A heightened sense of belonging for parents and students in the community.
Social and relational benefits with inclusive play, children know every student which results in a broader range of friends.
More community involvement in the school.

Mrs Judy Slattery