Teaching & Learning


At St John the Baptist Catholic School, we offer children the challenge of achieving personal excellence in all areas of school.

St John the Baptist Teaching and Learning programs, are developed and implemented in accordance with the Board of Studies K-10 Curriculum Framework and Statement of Equity Principles, and the Dioceses of Broken Bay K-12 Religious Education Curriculum in each of the following mandatory Key Learning Areas for Catholic Schools; English, Mathematics, Religious Education, Science, Human Society and Its Environment, Physical Education and Personal Development.

Our Beliefs about Teaching

At St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, we believe that students need to develop relevant knowledge, skills and values in order to become responsible and productive people of God. We believe that learning is most effective when it is:

Taught in a safe and supportive environment.
Appropriate to the stage and grade of learning.
Purposeful and relevant to each student.
Differentiated to meet the needs of each student.
Developing the student’s ability to plan and manage their learning.
Varied, challenging and expected outcomes clearly defined.
Considerate of students’ commitments to recreation, family, cultural and social activities.

Our Beliefs about Learning

The Diocese of Broken Bay’s Learning Principles are embedded in the teaching and learning at St John the Baptist, Freshwater.

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