Parenting Seminar with Lael Stone - St John the Baptist, Freshwater

Parenting Seminar with Lael Stone

At our recent Parenting Education session “Raising Resilient and Compassionate children” with Lael Stone we heard about the importance of listening. At times our lives can be so hurried, darting from one activity to another, or one app to another, juggling work, and home life demands.  Lael reminded us that listening to our children and each other allows our relationships to deepen and really understand what our children need from us, their trusted adults.

Lael also talked through looking past the behaviour and seeing the child behind and what they may be trying to communicate to us. Allowing space and time for the “big” feelings that our children have, allowing them to know we are there through the challenging times as well as the fun times. A practice that as our children move into their tween and teen years will become very important.

More resources from Lael can be found on her website Lael Stone | Speaker, Educator, Author