Enrolment & Contacts


Enrolling Now for 2021

Thank you for your interest in St John the Baptist!

We welcome all enrolment enquiries and would be happy to answer any of your questions. Please call the school office on 02 9939 6699 or send an email to sjbf@dbb.catholic.edu.au to explore further or to book a tour.

Our enrolment process at St John the Baptist is as follows:

  1. Submit your Enrolment Application Form and Birth Certificate
  2. Applicants will then book into an interview with the Principal and Parish Priest
  3. Enrolment interviews conducted
  4. Submit all other accompanying documentations
  5. Enrolment offered to successful applicants
  6. Acceptance of offer

To initiate your application, you will need to complete and submit the following documentation:

Accompanying documentation required following an interview booking:

If you need assistance in completing any of the forms or have any questions please contact the school office.

Concerned about school fees?

“While our schools rely heavily upon the support of our families, I have asked that at this time we do all we can to support those suffering immediate financial hardship.  It is with this in mind, I have approved new initiatives that will be implemented immediately, and are targeted specifically to families in greatest need, as a result of financial stress” – Bishop Anthony.

Visit https://www.csodbb.catholic.edu.au/parenthub/Fee-Relief-during-Covid-19 for more information on how we’re helping families at this time.


2020 Fee Schedule Diocese of Broken Bay Enrolment Policy

Private School Tours

School Tours are available and can be arranged through the office.  Please call 02 9939 6699 to make an appointment.  You can also watch our Virtual School Tour here.


Interviews for prospective parents are generally held during May. Parents have the opportunity to meet with both the Principal and the Parish Priest. In addition, children are invited to participate in activities whilst parents are meeting. The information gathered helps our staff to determine your child’s school readiness.


During the Orientation Program held annually in October, the school runs ‘Taste of Big School’ to assist with transition into primary school. This program assists new students to settle into new surroundings and gain confidence in school routines before they officially start. Teachers lead a number of interesting activities that will help the children familiarise themselves with their new school environment. Children will also meet their Senior Student ‘Buddies’.

While the orientation is taking place, parents are invited to attend an information session and morning tea so that they can meet other new parents.

Phone:  02 9939 6699
Email:  sjbf@dbb.catholic.edu.au
Address: 7 Johnson Street, Freshwater NSW 2096information

For more parent information, including our A-Z Parent guide, Before and After School Care and school uniform information, please click here.

COVID-19 Fee Relief

Catholic Schools of Broken Bay are committed to supporting families as the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt in the community. No family will be excluded from our school because of financial difficulties.

Even if you have not enrolled yet, we would like to offer the following help with school fees if you need it:

  • A full reduction on ALL fees if your family gets JobSeeker.
  • A 50%+ reduction on ALL fees if one parent in your family gets JobKeeper.

If you are unsure if your family can get fee help or need assistance completing the form please contact our COVID-19 FEE HELP HOTLINE on 02 9847 0728 (8am – 4pm Monday to Friday).

Please find the 2021 Fee Relief Request form here and return to us at schoolfees@dbb.org.au