SJB's Stage 3 Coding Day with St Cecilia's Balgowlah - St John the Baptist, Freshwater %

SJB’s Stage 3 Coding Day with St Cecilia’s Balgowlah

On Tuesday 25th July, our Year 5 and 6 students travelled to St Cecilia’s, Balgowlah, for a Stage 3 Connection Day, where CODE4FUN instructors prepared 3 challenges for the students including:

  • Drones challenge where they had to fly a drone and find a secret message;
  • Sphero robotics including a Speed Maze challenge;
  • Coding challenge involving fractals.

It was great to have the two schools come together, and we look forward to more opportunities to connect with our Broken Bay schools in the Northern Beaches as part of the Southern Peninsula Precinct future project.

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